We enjoy it when people come to see our display, that is after all one of the reasons we put the display up.  However, in the interest of maintaining happy neighbors we must ask that you follow some general guidelines while viewing our display.

  • Please do not stop in the middle of the street.  There are others in our neighborhood that see our display every night and therefore have no interest in waiting behind you while you view the display.  If you would like to stop to view the display please pull to the side of the road.


  • If you do pull over and plan to stay for a few minutes, be considerate and turn down your headlights, shut your engine off and turn down your radio (unless you turn it to our radio station!).


  • Please do not block our driveway or our neighbor’s driveways.


  • Please do not turn around in any driveway, stay on the road at all times.  If you need to turn around you can do so at the entrance to the gated areas.


  • Please do not litter, dispose of your own trash.


  • If you choose to get out of your vehicle please stay on the sidewalks and use care when crossing the street.  Our street is a through street and therefore gets a lot of traffic.  Please be safe with your children and don’t allow them to walk in the street.


  • If you would like to take a picture of our display, feel free to do so, but turn off your flash.  We like to think the lights are bright enough already and a flash is not necessary. Camera flashes are not only distracting they are also annoying for us and our neighbors.


  • Please stay out of our display area (grass), there are many wires and cables on the ground which can be dangerous.  We put a border around our display to keep foot traffic off of the lawn.  Please keep your children off of the grass also and away from the electrical connections, there is high voltage running through our display 24 hours a day.


  • Don’t honk your horn!

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